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A Festival of Fun and Fashion: Check Out Exclusive Kerala Traditional Dresses For Onam

A Festival of Fun and Fashion: Check Out Exclusive Kerala Traditional Dresses For Onam
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A Festival of Fun and Fashion: Check Out Exclusive Kerala Traditional Dresses For Onam

One of Kerala's greatest and most significant celebrations is undoubtedly Onam. It is a Hindu festival that takes place during the months of August and September and is observed for ten days. Atham, the name of the first day of the festival, and Thiruvonam, the name of the last day. People dress in new attire and use pookalam to adorn the front of their homes during this event. These are all considered to be proper greetings for the King. In the majority of the temples, special prayers are said every morning.

The family elders bestow blessings on all of the younger family members. The dance that is connected to the Onam celebration is the Kathakalli dance. Kerala's Onam festival is stunning, including vibrant flowers and brand-new clothing. A crucial component of the celebration is purchasing a new pair of traditional onam attire. Choosing an Onam outfit for a baby is much more fun and intriguing. Let's look at some wonderful special Kerala traditional dress for Onam suggestions for your baby boys and girls on this site.

Why Keralites Gives So Much Importance to Their Traditional Clothing?

No matter where they move or stay, Keralites are always eager to uphold their traditions because Kerala has a special place in Indian culture. During Onam, Keralites place a high value on their traditional attire because it symbolizes their cultural identity, supports tradition, promotes unity, uplifts the holiday spirit, honors Mahabali, and displays the splendor and elegance of Kerala's rich heritage. Keralites passionately participate in the celebration of Onam by actively expressing their joy in their cultural heritage through their dress. When it pertains to art and culture, the state of Kerala has a rich history. Traditions, fashion trends, artistic expression, cuisine, and music are all completely diverse and are inspired by the unique culture. 

Every single Keralan attire style exemplifies simplicity and revives the illustrious traditions of ancient India. In Kerala traditional dress for Onam is highly valued. The splendor of Kerala's traditional attire is displayed on all of its major days. When it comes to art and culture, the state of Kerala has a long history. Its peculiar culture has an impact on its customs, dress, art, cuisine, music, and even dance forms.

The Traditional dress of Kerala has a different appeal to it and here’s why!

Cultural Identity: A key component of one's cultural identity is their traditional dress. Onam is a time when Keralites proudly display their deep cultural origins and rich heritage by dressing in their traditional clothes. Kerala traditional dress for Onam acts as a symbolic reflection of their ties to their culture, history, and native land.
Preservation of Tradition: The Onam festival has a strong folkloric and traditional foundation. Keralites actively contribute to the preservation and promotion of their cultural heritage by donning traditional clothes. It is a method of preserving the spirit of Onam and passing down customs from one generation to the next.

Sense of Unity: The celebration of Onam draws people together, and wearing traditional dress fosters a sense of cohesion among Keralites. Everyone looks in unison when wearing their traditional dress, and it gives them a sense of community as they celebrate their shared ancestry.

Festive Spirit: Onam is a happy and joyful holiday, and wearing traditional clothes enhances the overall festive mood. Kerala's traditional clothing's eye-catching hues, elaborate patterns, and golden borders reflect the celebrational mood of the event and produce an enchanting atmosphere.

Aesthetics and Elegance: Kerala traditional dress for Onam, such as the Mundu, Settu Mundu, and Kasavu-bordered garments, exudes a timeless grace and charm. They are visually appealing and give the festivities a touch of richness because to their flowing curtains, exquisite weaves, and golden ornaments.

Kerala Traditional Dress for Onam: Multiple Colour Combinations

Onam's customary dress code for children honors Kerala's diverse cultural traditions. These garments represent solidarity, pride, and a strong bond to tradition, from the immaculate Mundu and Settu Mundu to the captivating golden borders and brilliant hues. Children's traditional clothing not only enhances the Onam celebration but also gives them a sense of cultural belonging and self-identification. In order to create priceless memories during this cheerful celebration, let's embrace the hues, patterns, and cultural importance of the Onam customary dress code for children.

The festival has a dress code, without a doubt. Adults are expected to wear a white, off-white, or cream saree with a golden border during festivals, and males are expected to wear a white dhoti with golden lace with a shirt or kurta.

Having said that, people from Kerala don't fully adhere to the white-and-cream color scheme and instead like colorful clothing. We can have the simple and exquisite traditional wear for children instead of rigorously adhering to the current dress code. The most important clothing for kids is comfy clothing. We should always consider the quality of the material selected while purchasing children's clothing.  

Here are some examples:

Mundu and Settu Mundu:

The "Mundu," a white or cream-colored cotton fabric draped around the waist and extending to the ankles, is the customary attire for boys during Onam. A vibrantly colored blouse is worn with the Mundu to complete the look. The "Settu Mundu," which resembles a saree, is a popular option for girls. It comprises of a blouse that matches or contrasts with the draped bottom piece. 

The Golden Border: Kasavu

The golden border, known as "Kasavu," is a defining characteristic of the Onam traditional attire for children. The Kasavu, which is intricately woven into the cloth, stands for prosperity and lends the outfit a hint of richness. The attire is given more aesthetic appeal by the addition of the golden border, which represents the festival's liveliness.

Vibrant hues and Patterns: 

The traditional Onam attire features a wide variety of vibrant hues. Girls appreciate the attractiveness of multicolored patterns and motifs, whereas boys frequently choose solid-colored blouses in tones of red, green, or blue. The excitement and enthusiasm of Onam are reflected in these vivid hues and patterns, which produce a joyful atmosphere.

"Onam" is the first word that comes to mind when we discuss festivals.We can provide adorable Onam costume suggestions for both newborn boys and girls. For infant boys, a kurti outfit that coordinates with nice pants is a fantastic choice. If not, we can also use a little lungi.However, it's not always simple to apply to infants. For girls, there are more traditional outfits than for guys. The finest choice when it comes to comfort is a dress. Pattupavada is the appropriate traditional costume for children in Kerala. It is available in a Top and a Skirt.

Basically, silk can be used to make this. Baby girls' Kerala traditional dress for Onam can be dazzling and colorful. You can dress in the customary milk color. Instead of sticking with a single color, the top could be one color and the skirt another. It's intriguing to choose a dress color because it should fit the celebration's mood as well. Since it is customary, a whitish cream color is ideal for Onam. In addition, the colors red, yellow, and green are very common for the Onam holiday. The entire family could have a theme that would look fantastic in pictures.

Better Colour combinations for Onam Outfit for Baby Boys & Girls 

Kiddie Choice has made it simple to buy kids' clothing online. With our online store, which offers the largest selection of Indian traditional costumes for baby girls and party wear suits for baby boys, you may outfit adorable Indian newborns in traditional attire while relaxing at home. For important events like Onam, Deepavali, Christmas, and Ramadan, you can add to your cart Kerala traditional clothes for baby girls, including Kerala style frocks, Kerala wedding frocks, mom and me matching gowns, etc. if you are moving to Kerala. These infant ethnic clothing and children's party costumes can be delivered to any location in Kochi or Kerala.

The finest aspect of choosing a Kerala traditional dress for Onam is the color. Since the color of the dress should also fit the celebration's tone, we all like choosing it. The nicest color to wear traditionally is a whitish cream shade. Yellow and green are also very popular in addition to red. For your important occasions, we may design a theme that would be appropriate for the entire family. We must also discuss children when we talk about colorful clothing. We can come up with fantastic onam clothing ideas for baby girls and boys instead of having to completely adhere to the standard dress code for children as it is. Let's begin by discussing what outfit we may give our small friends for the event.

Children’s Clothing and Accessories to Wear with a Latest Style Dress

With our extensive selection of online shopping for Kerala pattu pavadai lehengas, pamper and dress your children in the newest trends. Purchase Pattu Pavadai in the traditional style of Kerala, Silk Langa blouses, Party Silk Lehengas, long gowns, and dresses for young girls.

We offer a variety of irresistible accessories, such as pretty shoes, baby headbands for girls, children's swimming costumes, toddler bikinis, stylish caps, a butterfly costume for a little princess, sunglasses, and more, in addition to party dresses in Kerala and ethnic clothing for baby girls. You can offer your children a fantastic makeover in our adorable clothes for kids in Kerala with such amazing accessories. Kurtis paired with decent pants of the same color are a terrific choice for baby boys.

Except in the case of a quick photo session, it is difficult to apply for babies. Otherwise, it could make newborn babies uncomfortable. However, the Happykid online store has a lovely selection of onam dresses for newborns that includes dungaree sets, t-shirts, and rompers in eye-catching color combinations. Additionally, you can shop with a unique, time-limited onam deal. 
In actuality, there are more traditional onam dresses for girls than for boys; there are more design options. Frocks are the nicest type because they come in so many lovely styles. Baby girls' dresses can be dazzling and colorful. You can dress in the customary milk color. Instead of sticking with a single color, the skirt and top can both be a different color.

How to Check the Quality of Traditional Kidswear? 

Comfort: Before purchasing a Kerala traditional dress for Onam for your children, comfort is an important factor to take into account. The kidswear for the festival should be very comfy because your child will be expected to wear it all day long. It should fit nicely and feel soft on the skin, allowing for adequate movement. The garment shouldn't cause any discomfort, itching, or irritation. Indian baby couture experts employ premium childrenswear to guarantee the comfort of the children. 

Durability: High-quality clothing is needed for these activities in order to endure wear and tear. High-quality clothing can withstand stretching, tearing, and fading to prolong its life. Such clothing can be worn repeatedly without exhibiting any outward changes in appearance. Kids' clothing of higher quality offers more creative appeal, detailing, and design. Such clothing has a very high level of general aesthetic appeal, which gives children a self-assured and joyful feeling for celebrations. 
Safety: Well-made dresses are less likely to contain loose buttons, zippers, or other embellishments that could provide a choking hazard, cloth quality is believed to have a significant role in maintaining the safety of children. High-quality gowns don't have jagged edges or rough seams that could hurt or irritate a youngster.
Accessories: Children frequently adorn themselves with accessories to compliment the traditional attire and improve their overall appearance. Boys may don a straightforward bracelet and the traditional "Minnu" golden chain or necklace. Girls, on the other hand, might don a tiny necklace, some earrings, and occasionally a delicate floral headpiece.

Onapottan, the pinnacle of refinement

Boys may choose the "Onapottan" clothing for a more ornate and festive appearance. A white or cream-colored shirt, a dhoti-style outfit with elaborate golden embroidery, and a waistcoat, frequently in a brilliant color, are the defining features of this attire. The Onapottan is a representation of grandeur and refinement that gives the overall appearance a regal feel.

We've Everything You Need! 

According to a woman's age and marital status, different colors of blouses are worn at festival rituals. The men's traditional garb is extremely dated. The guys still wear their traditional garb, unchanged. The traditional clothing for men has not changed, despite certain changes in the traditional attire for women. The mundu, which is white, is still worn by the men.

Any color of shirt can be worn with it.The majority of males, though, favor wearing white shirts.Cotton was used to prepare the fabric, which provides comfort in hot weather. Another outfit that is worn on traditional occasions is the kasavu mundu.The five-meter-long fabric has gold borders and is also known as Golden Kasavu Mundu.There are numerous religious and ethnic groups in Kerala that love Kerala traditional dress for Onam.

People used to always dress in the traditional clothing in earlier times. But everything has changed in modern times.The modern era began. People are not prepared to dress traditionally. They will dress comfortably for themselves. The beauty of all occasions is displayed through our traditional attire.The cultural reminder is there.Anyone can dress whatever they choose. However, our culture still merits attention. Sarees are becoming less commonplace, but Churidhar is rising.


Buy Kerala Traditional Dress for Onam From Kiddie Choice

Mundu is the most typical traditional clothing of Kerala. Both men and women wear it, and it looks like a long skirt. Women typically dress in the Mundum Neriyathum, a two-piece saree-inspired outfit. Men typically wear a Veshti, a kind of sarong, underneath their shirt or kurta.

When traditional festivals roll around, we provide a variety of colorful garments created from rich, yet lightweight Kasavu cloth, which is always at the center of our business. Purchase online Kerala kids clothing that is easy for your small ones to wear all day long and has delicate and subtle gold detailing. Are you looking for a specific size, color, or theme? Choose and filter the products to those that are more appropriate for your child. Buy Kerala traditional dress for Onam today at Kiddie Choice.

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